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Dive in our Housereef is wonderful in easy make a check dive after which you can do without a guide. Has direct access to the beach right in front of our diving center and in the formula without the guidance it can be made at any time of day so that you can better organize for not neglectingother aspects of your Holiday. The beginning of the dive down a gentle descent to a sandy plateau that is home to countless pinnacles that way to show off the road to the beautiful coral garden rich in fish, can be made really exciting matches, from turtles that go at this point in the bay to feed the giant moray eels hiding in the crevices of the reef and being photographed, not missing the big groupers and stingrays to blue dots that blend into a myriad of small fish recifali. Dive with astonish you...


Always with access to the beach you can dive to 5 stars: The Relittino. This is the home of the lionfish and moray eels albino...if they are counted dozens of pieces together and here they were taken photographs that have won international championships. The dive begins by following a course of 150°N to arrive on a small felucca, which gives its name to the site. Theseaweed that acts as a liaison between the exit Gota beach makes this place a safe haven for many benthic fish. Ideal for specially compass. REALLY dive from shore to 5 stars!!!

15 different dive sites in Makadi Bay

salem express wreck

Launched under the name of Fred Scamaroni in 1976, the ship was built in the shipyard et Industrielles de la Mediterranee in La Seyne in France. Later the name was changed in Nuits St George. Only in 1988 was saddled with the final name of the Salem Express. 100 meters long by 18 meters wide with a gross tonnage of 4771 tons, the ship has four eight-cylinder engines that operated on the two main propellers and propellers directional. On the night of 16 December 1991, the Salem Express ferry left the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and directed in Port Safaga, concluded his surf a little less than ten miles from the port of destination because of an inexcusable mistake on the part of his captain, went to collide with a small tower located a short distance from the coral reefs of Hyndeman reef. Officially starting the ship registered 650 people of which 578 passengers and 72 crew, but unfortunately, as often happens in such cases, the number of people on board were considerably higher. Based in Safaga, the Salem Express has always provided a ferry service between Egypt and Saudi Arabia for pilgrims to Mecca. Today the hull perfectly preserved, is located near the reef that was the cause of the sinking with the starboard side of leaning to 32 feet deep and with the port side located approximately 10 meters from the surface. Can be observed lying on the bottom at 27 meters depth the two lifeboats, reflecting the rapid sinking of the ship not given the time for passengers to use the means of rescue. Around, lie scattered on the seabed personal items belonging to passengers on board. On the two big smokestacks that rise majestically toward the blue, there shall appear the big letter "S" enclosed by a laurel wreath, which is the beginning of the name of the ship. His plates are covering the life and color, thanks to the various species of corals that were affected. Easy to see schools of small barracuda and jacks, now settled in the waters surrounding the wreck.


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